Hugs & Kisses Valentine’s Cake~ xoxo ~ A Blog Tutorial

Hello there! We are still in Valentine’s Day mode with a tutorial that is simple & fun! :0) The main stars of our cake today are buttercream & wafer paper.

Here we go…

First, I’ve frosted a six inch double barrel (tall, 4 layers of cake with supports and cake board halfway up) cake with a crusting vanilla buttercream. Of course, this design works for any size of cake! ;0) Here, I am smoothing over the frosting after it had crusted with a Viva paper towel. However, chilling the frosted cake and smoothing with a very hot spatula works well too! Just smooth it the best that you can, we’re about to cover up a lot of it though in the next step. — 1IMG_3608   Next, we are going to cover this cake in hugs and kisses… or in this case, x’s and o’s ;0)   I’ve fitted my piping bag with a Wilton star tip 21, and buttercream tinted with Americolor Deep Pink.  I’m going to pipe a vertical row of x’s, and then right next to it, a vertical row of o’s.  Then repeat… IMG_3637 …and repeat and repeat…until you’ve made it all the way around — You can see that my piping is not perfect…with a freehanded design like this, you’ll always have some variation…but just keep going!  It will look good in the end and those little variations here and there won’t matter ;0)   IMG_3674 Now for the top!  You can keep the top of the cake nice and smooth, but I decided to do a giant rose swirl on top with my Wilton 2D star tip.  I started in the center and spiraled clockwise. 1IMG_3666 1IMG_3667     Now, it’s time for a cake topper!  Again, there are so many options here.  You could leave it just as it is, you could pipe a giant chocolate heart from candy melts, make a decorated heart cookie on a stick to stand vertically, or even scatter heart sprinkles…. but I decided to go with the medium that’s had a huge resurgence lately in cake decorating— wafer paper! :0)  I love it.  — Here’s a quick and easy topper…. (if you don’t have wafer paper, you could use card stock for a similar look!) —   I took out a sheet of wafer paper and used a ruler and a toothpick to mark off 4 strips.  Two were 11 inches long and the other two I snipped to 8 inches. IMG_3644

Then, I colored the two longer strips of wafer paper  on both sides with a dry brush and dry petal dust.  (I used pink petal dust and Super Pearl dust.).

Brushing the wafer paper with a paint made from vodka and coloring gel wouldn’t work for this particular project, as it would ruffle the strips too much.  Petal dust is your best bet… although you could add polka dots or another pattern with a food coloring pen if you’d rather, or even leave them plain.




I brushed over my shorter two strips with pearl dust.


Then I pinched my strips together like this, using a tiny bit of dampness from vodka at the connecting points.  You may need to hold it firmly for several seconds before it holds.  If you don’t have vodka or alcohol based flavoring, a bit of water will do the trick…or even piping gel.


I pinched both sides together with a lollipop stick in the bottom center.  The lollipop stick acts as our anchor.  I just squeezed the lightly dampened bottom of the wafer paper around the stick and held it for a few seconds.


Yahoo!  Love it.   This is going to give our cake height, personality, and the best part is that I made the whole thing in about 15 minutes ;0)


Finally, I pushed the topper right into the cake.  I haven’t had any trouble with wafer paper on crusting buttercream…but I haven’t tried it yet on non-crusting frostings with a much softer consistency.  To be on the safe side in these cases, you may either want to do a trial run (with a piece of wafer paper on the frosting), or simply add the topper just before your event.

Here is a nice view of the top! ;0)


Here it is!  I hope that you enjoyed this sweet little Valentine’s Day cake.  If you try it, we would love to see!  xoxo  ;0)


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  1. claudie brown says: #1

    Beautiful as usual and your instructions are always easy to follow. I too am getting into wafer paper. Got 100 sheets on Amazon for roughly $12.

  2. Sharon Baker says: #2

    this is a easy, pretty fun cake..Thank You

  3. Carolina says: #3

    Hi! Can you give your butercream recipe? Please.

  4. mwawi manda says: #4

    beautiful and easy, thanks

  5. MsGF says: #5

    Pretty and simple. Love it.

  6. scott says: #6

    Oh pretty pretty. I am a hopeless romantic. This cake works for me.


  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Thank you so much for your comments!

    @Carolina ~ My favorite all butter (no shortening) crusting buttercream recipe is very similar to the one featured here: — It’s a pretty common American buttercream recipe but tastes very good. We use slightly less milk–closer to 1/3 cup. Good luck! ~
    link to

    @Claudie ~ Yes, I love wafer paper & it’s really affordable! I think we’ve almost run through our entire pack, I need more! ;0)

  8. scott says: #8

    I’m being lazy. I think I will leave the top ribbon off, but it does look better with the ribbon. I just wont tell my wife : ) She’s a pretty good sport : )

  9. Melissa Diamond says: #9

    Haha ;0) I like it without the topper too! You can’t go wrong with straight buttercream (and all of those hugs and kisses). She will love it! ;0)

  10. Aśka says: #10

    It looks great and impressive:) Beautiful cake:)

  11. May says: #11

    Hi, I’m just a beginner in baking and I wanted to say that this is a great tutorial for me! This is a very pretty cake and your instructions are easy to follow. I will definitely try this for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for sharing :)

  12. Melissa Diamond says: #12

    I’m so glad, May! Thank you ;0)

  13. gigi's says: #13


  14. gigi's says: #14

    ♈ōϋя fondant looks smooth,white Α̲̅πϑ perfect,. Pls what’s ♈ōϋя fondant recipe. Am having trobles with mine. Tanks I will apreciate ♈ōϋя response.

  15. Melissa Diamond says: #15

    Hi GiGi, thank you. This cake was frosted with a crusting vanilla buttercream, and smoothed with a paper towel.

  16. Maureen Way says: #16

    Looks beautiful ,I can’t wait to try this one soon!

  17. Stephanie says: #17

    Hi Melissa! This is a gorgeous tutorial! I was wondering where you got your beautiful set of petal dusts? I am having the hardest time finding a vibrant set like yours.

  18. Melissa Diamond says: #18

    Hi Stephanie- Thanks! This actually isn’t a set of dusts that I bought. I’ve just emptied the petal dusts that I’ve accumulated into this empty set of containers (and storage box) that I found at Michael’s a while back. (The screw tops are easier to open!) ;0) – My colors are from various places…but probably most were ordered from Gloabal Sugar Art.

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