Sweet Eyelet Cake

I just love eyelet fabric—especially in white.  It’s  the fabric that always reminds me of  summertime (which is probably why I just had to make it yesterday–I’ve been longing for spring and summer lately!). — Anyway, I have a feeling that some of you out there have never tried making fondant eyelet accents, which is why I hope you’ll love this blog.  It’s an effect that is a little bit sweet…. a little bit fancy….and secretly very simple!   (Hooray!) —

I’m going make an eyelet circle of fondant to lay on top of my 6″ buttercream-frosted cake (it was actually slightly larger than 6″ wide after I frosted it with buttercream).  Here’s how it works…

I usually use Satin Ice fondant, which is very white…but not quite as white as my cake pedestal.  So, I decided to knead in a little Americolor Bright White coloring gel into my fondant to make it a shade whiter. It worked!  (I know, OCD alert! :0) )

By the way, my buttercream is tinted with a very small amount of Americolor Teal coloring gel.

Now for the bow…. (my first choice is to use gum paste or fondant mixed with a little CMC or Tylose rather than just using plain fondant.  It will dry faster and stronger.)

Form your loops…

Allow to dry for a while with bits of paper towel or plastic wrap within the loops.  Mine was dry enough to hold it’s shape (but still soft) after about an hour.   I then wrapped a little piece of fondant around the center to form the knot, and made some ribbon tails too.

I piped a few clusters of dots around the sides of my cake  (using the same piping bag as before).

Ahhhh….  if only I had time to do cupcakes.  That will be for another time!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Christie says: #1

    LOVE this! Thanks for sharing! It’s so dainty :)

  2. Ice Maiden says: #2

    That is sweet! We’d call it broderie anglais in the UK and it would look gorgeous all over a wedding cake :)

  3. teri says: #3

    love that tecnique. very simple and elegant

  4. Shelley says: #4

    Very cute! I love the step-by-step tutorial. It makes it look easy enough for a beginner (or a very lazy person like me). :)

  5. Dimah says: #5

    It looks absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Melissa Diamond says: #6

    Thanks everybody!!!

  7. i love this idea! It is simple enough for a novice cake decorator like myself, yet looks so elegant:)

  8. Kay says: #8

    Just came across your website and blog. I love your website design. The graphics are so cute that you have chosen. Great cake ideas too. We will send people your way!

  9. Melissa Diamond says: #9

    Thanks “Sprinkled”! Kay, thank you and thanks for spreading the word about our site! :0)

  10. Maria Mendoza says: #10

    Great, loved it. So beautifil and elegant yet simple. Will Try it, since I need to make a small cake for my pastor. She loves cakes and this would be great. Thank you so much. God bless and multiply those talents.

  11. Confectionista says: #11

    So simple yet elegant. Cupcakes will be lovely. Thnks

  12. I stand in awe. I am so not a baker and would never attempt anything so intricate. I can’t imagine the steady hand it takes to circle those tiny holes with icing. That being said, you make me WANT to make it. You made it look easy, which I know it’s not. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Tammy says: #13

    I love this, can’t wait to try it.

  14. Melissa Diamond says: #14

    Thank you everybody!

  15. mary had a little cake says: #15

    I just found this site and joined. How much fun!! I’ve always wanted to try this technique. Lovely job!!!

  16. Melissa Diamond says: #16

    Thank you “Mary had a Little Cake” :0) — I’m glad that you jonied!! I love your username!

  17. Cat/Sugar Daze says: #17

    So clever! Love the results!

  18. titinina says: #18

    I always admired this technique
    thank you.

  19. Mee says: #19

    Simple yet classy…

  20. nazia says: #20

    You are genious!!!

  21. Stacy Brown says: #21

    I love this, Melissa! I have a baby shower cake I need to make and this will be perfect (it’s a grandma shower and the grandma loves blue and white eyelit!) It will look adorable with a pair of baby booties, too! So cute!

  22. Paula Timmons says: #22

    Love it and it is so simple!!!

  23. LUCERO says: #23

    que hermoso y que facil se ve por favor pon insrucciones en español. felicidades.

  24. ruchell says: #24

    so pretty! thanks for sharing! :)

  25. norma lopez says: #25

    Its so beautifull.

  26. jaidy carrasquel says: #26

    sensillo, diferente y hermoso…gracias por compartir

  27. Franca says: #27

    things look so much easier when explained beautifully like you do….thanks

  28. anuradha karve says: #28

    like very much. want to join you.

  29. baby cakes says: #29

    I love it.. im going to make one for my mother in law on mother’s day. .thanks

  30. Rosa Lopez says: #30

    Beautifully !,!!!!!!!!!

  31. Joana Mensah says: #31

    I love this and will surely try it.

  32. Chavascakes says: #32

    Got to say just so beautiful. You make every thing so easy for me.

  33. GuppyLove says: #33

    Love this Melissa!! I’ll add this to my “try this one” list :)

  34. Omotayo says: #34

    So Beautiful! Can I use glaze icing instead of royal for the piping or would buttercream work? I really find making and using royal icing a trial. Thanks

  35. BeBe says: #35

    Hi Omotayo, If you prefer not to use royal icing , I think buttercream would be the best choice, using a tip 2.

  36. Melissa Calegan says: #36

    I love this! Thanks for re-posting on Facebook. I don’t know how this passed me by. Glad that I caught it this time. :)

  37. Helen Morrison says: #37

    Love this style of caking we call it broderie anglais here in Australia .. love it so much I even bought the plunger cutters from china lol but I love the way you have made the similar pattern simply with out cutters… that is the true test of a caker :)

  38. Melissa Diamond says: #38

    @Melissa & Helen- Thank you!!! xoxo

  39. NeosMum says: #39

    Thanks for sharing and showing how simple but effective this is.
    Love it!!

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