Turkeys & Cornucopias- More Cupcakes to Gobble Gobble.– Blog Tutorial

Turkeys & Cornucopias-Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.com


Hi everybody!  We’ve put together some really cute (simple!) designs for your Thanksgiving gatherings.  Kids will love helping out with these, and everyone will love eating them ;0)


I bought these thin, ginger cookies at the grocery store this morning…I stared down everything on the cookie and candy rows today, looking for turkey parts!  I bought the cookies on a whim (partly because I love ginger cookies) and it wasn’t until later that we realized they would make perfect turkey tail feathers!CUTE turkey & cornucopia cupcake tutorial~MyCakeSchool.com

Once you’ve made your tailfeathers, you can go with one of these cute Turkey designs!

Now, onto Turkey number two!

And finally….. another “woo hoo” moment came today when we realized that bugles would make perfect cornucopias!  Back to the grocery store we went…and I also rediscovered how much I love to eat these :0)

Group shot! — :0)

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  1. Sprinkles says: #1

    These are fantastic and I love the way that you give instructions! I have featured these on Party Cupcake Ideas here link to partycupcakeideas.com

  2. hersheysmom says: #2

    Love these!!

  3. Tonya Munoz says: #3

    I can’t wait to try these!!

  4. nora says: #4

    These are fanstatic ! Can you give me the brand of those ginger cookies? I always have a hard time finding ginger cookies.

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Hi Nora–I was just in the grocery store yesterday and saw them—they are Annas brand.

  6. nora says: #6

    Thanks Melissa.. Now if I can just find that brand here.. =)

  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Hi Nora–if you can’t, I’m sure that there must be another thin cookie that would work! You’ll have to do some cookie investigating at your grocery store :0) It would be very cute also with a round cookie (rather than scalloped). Good luck!

  8. jackie zaragoza says: #8

    So cool.I love These. Wish I would Make them for my niece and nephews.

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