Mama Bird Baby Shower


Today, we  have another baby shower cake idea for you!  It all starts with a mini wonder mold cake!  Wilton’s mini wonder mold pan can make 4 little cakes at a time.   I usually just fill one or two cavities & make cake toppers from them.  These little domes are such a cute size & shape to work with, there are tons of design options.  I hope you like today’s demonstration!   :0) —-


And here we are!  I used a large closed star tip (2D) to create a ruffled effect around the sides of the cake.  I also chilled my mama bird in the fridge until the frosting hardened before picking her up and placing her in the nest!  Isn’t she sweet?  :0)

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  1. sweetmoments says: #1

    That is adorable! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. jennyh says: #2

    Oh I love this, I’ll be an aunt again soon and I want to use this for a baby shower, thank you!

  3. Rowaida Flayhan says: #3

    This is really so adorable and cute love your cakes.

  4. justcakes says: #4

    Lovely cake Melissa! You really do a wonderful job out there. Thank you for sharing your experience with us :)

  5. michelle says: #5

    Oh, I love it! I have a baby shower next weekend and I was thinking about doing an extra little cake for the mom to be…..and you have made up my mind :o) Thanks Melissa

  6. katefarquharson says: #6

    My gosh, you’ve really outdone yourself this time !!!! Wonderful!!!!!

  7. coffmancakes says: #7


  8. mellycake says: #9

    That is the cutest little cake! Where ever do you get your ideas? You are so creative & talented, Melissa. I enjoy My Cake School soooo much! Thank you & keep it up.

  9. sweetcakes says: #10

    This is so sweet. I love the ruffling on the cake. Great job, as always.

  10. ELIZABETH RUIZ says: #11


  11. Manal El Deeb says: #12

    It’s soooo cute Melissa, I love it, you made it looks easy to do, thanks for sharing and may I ask you about the buttercream icing that you’re using, it looks so soft and nice and it holds the shapes perfectly, can you please tell me which recipe you are using?

  12. Aracely says: #13

    That is a looooovely mama bird!!!! you know my mom loves birds,so i’m thinking this is not just for bb showers! I can make it one to my mom! and maybe I can do other 2 little chicks representing my sister and me! ohhh this is an incredible idea! thank you soooo much dear Melissa! kudos on doing such an instruccional and great tutorial!

  13. lorie says: #14

    iam new to your site and girl you blow me out of the water you are just awesome iam like a kid in a candy store best 30 dollar i have spend in a long while keep up the good work

  14. Norma says: #15

    Toooo precious Melissa, I couldn’t eat it ;o) but I would have to buy it in a heart beat
    I will have to try to make and take to the hair salon they are always packed. Now just to find and buy a glass domed cake stand :)

  15. Funtastic Cakes says: #16

    Simply adorable! I’m so happy I enrolled….I always learn something when I watch your tutorials! Thanks! And keep them coming…I love it!

  16. lesavaughn says: #17

    Wouldn’t this be cute with those chocolate robin eggs you can find this time of year, the ones with the hard candy shell? I really love this cake! Thanks, Melissa!

  17. NATALIE MEDRANO says: #18


  18. Melissa Diamond says: #19

    Thanks everybody for your comments! -Natalie, yes, I think that you could make it work with a cupcake. If your cupcakes dome, that’s even better. I would make a few to experiment with. You could even put a cupcake on it’s side so that the top of the cupcake becomes the front side of the bird. You could also build out the icing a little when necessary, and smooth as usual.

  19. NATALIE MEDRANO says: #20

    Melissa thank you for a quick response! you are always very helpful =)

  20. NATALIE MEDRANO says: #21

    I tried soing the nest last night but my chocolate felt to thick…

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #22

    Natalie–Do you mean that the nest was too thick–or the chocolate was so thick that it didn’t pipe well? As the chocolate cools, it is going to thicken–you need to reheat. However, if even a drop of water got into your chocolate–maybe that was in the bowl, or in your piping tip if you used one, that will cause the chocolate to seize and become unusable. Not sure which applies to you– it really should be a very soft, melted chocolate.

  22. NATALIE MEDRANO says: #23

    i used milk chocolate chips do i add shortning to the chocolate to pipe it?

  23. NATALIE MEDRANO says: #24

    ok last…sorry could i add a little baby bird nect to her made out of fondant? will the butter cream sofetn in?

  24. Melissa Diamond says: #25

    Hi Natalie–it’s fine to add a little shortening to the chocolate. As far as the fondant bird…ideally, you could put it on close to the time that you need it, just to be on the safe side. I usually only have issues with softening gum paste or fondant decorations when the decorations are thin, and actually inserted into the frosting (especially if it is non-crusting).

  25. Lindsay McLean says: #26

    Love this cake! How did you do the texture on the outside of the cake? Is it the 1M tip?

  26. Melissa Diamond says: #27

    Hi Lindsay–I used a 2D tip (which is a closed star)—the 1M is an open star, but would give you a similar effect! You should try it–quick and easy! :0)

  27. Chesney Caswell says: #28

    What tip did you use for the white part of the icing?

  28. BeBe says: #29

    Hi Chesney, a 104 tip for the ruffle and a round tip 12 for the center of the hat

  29. HollyLE says: #30

    This is perfect for Mother’s Day…thank you for sharing!! So sweet and EASY!

  30. Sherry Gutensohn says: #31

    THANK YOU I am SO Doing This 😉

  31. Tanikes Cakes says: #32

    Love this design and loads of others, ur tutorials are great, thank you.

  32. Carrie says: #33


  33. Marcia says: #34

    Absolutely precious!!!!!

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