Little Princess

I’m using this post to declare my love for Wilton’s mini wonder mold pan!  I love the little cakes that they make–and the possibilities are endless!  Here’s a little tutorial on how to make a cute little princess!

Here’s how we do it…

First- Bake, Cool, & Frost with a delicious crusting buttercream!!

After the frosting has crusted (about 10 minutes or so), smooth with a Viva paper towel.

Now, let’s start working on the face and body!  First, roll a 1″ ball of gum paste tinted your desired skin color (I used a touch of  Copper).  Then, attach to a lollipop stick and wrap a small piece of gum paste just below the head to form the neck.

Form torso by pushing and molding a 1″ ball of fondant onto the stick.

Now it’s time to draw the face with a food coloring pen.

I’m using a little petal dust for blush.

Use sugar glue or water to add arms, little balls of fondant for hands, and big puffy round sleeves!  I decorated the dress with tiny buttercream polka dots (tip 4)  and applied a shell border with a tip 16.

Now for some hair action!  You can use frosting, fondant, or gum paste.  I’m going with fondant (mixed with a little tylose).

I’m using my clay extruded for the hair.  Know what else you can use?

A Garlic Press!

Add hair, several strands at a time, with a little sugar glue or water.  Then,  a little fondant crown, a little heart sprinkle to hold onto, and finally…PIXIE DUST like crazy!!  Are you ready for the big reveal?……..

Ta Da!!!  She insisted that I take her picture outside—better lighting!  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  These are so adorable as cake toppers, or all by themselves!

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  1. catacakes says: #1


  2. PHCALEF says: #2

    Excellent. I have to make a “girlie” cake for work and the little princesses will enhance a sheet cake.

  3. Melissa Diamond says: #3

    Catacakes–Thanks!!!– PHCALEF– I’m glad that you are in need of some cute princesses! I’ve used these on cakes of all sizes–from little 6″ cakes to bigger sheet cakes–always cute!!

  4. iheartcake says: #4

    I love it! Will definately use with the pillow cake for my daughter’s birthday!

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Pillow with princess on top sounds SO cute!

  6. Jami says: #6

    I really love this. And I can think of lots of fun things to do with that mold!

  7. Elaine Scotton says: #7

    melissa, i was getting ready to do this for a side cake (doing cupcake cake for her already) and you started off with ‘gum paste’ but then used fondant, now is this correct. needed to know before i started mixing up the gum paste mix. Also is the fondant made with tylose as well…and if you don’t have an extruder, and not sure how the garlic press i have will work, what else should i do (was thinking of ‘bands’ of hair and individuals), thanks bunches

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Hi Elaine–sorry for the confusion. I do like to use gum paste or if you have tylose/CMC, a little bit of that kneaded into the fondant would be fine too. You just want to be able to model without the worry of sagging…and straight fondant (some brands/recipes more than others) are often a little too soft to work with easily. You do have the plus of the lollipop stick for supporting the body though in this case.

    As for the hair, thin strips of fondant would be fine! Or either, two “flaps” of fondant or gum paste…one on each side of the part, which you can make lined impressions for the hair and then fringe at the very ends to make it look more realistic. I have a video on “hair” in my gum paste and fondant section.

  9. Elaine Scotton says: #9

    thanks Melissa for the suggestions, but the problem i was having is with the fondant/tylose staying on the lollipop stick and the ‘molding’ to the neck…is this why straight gum paste is better…i tried, and tried till 2am but finally called it a night…ugggh, i so wanted this to work, but i’ll try and be ready the next time…it looks sooo great when you do it on the videos, but maybe its my brand as well, i’ve been using wilton’s brands because of Michaels being down the street…could this be the issue too…

  10. Melissa Diamond says: #10

    Elaine–I’m so sorry that you had to stay up so late! My gum paste that I was working with was probably firmer than your fondant/tylose. Is this cake due today? You could rub a little crisco or piping gel or even sugar glue or light corn syrup over your lollipop stick to see if that helps keep everything in place.

    Was it the torso that was sliding down? Putting something on the stick probably would have helped. In my video tutorial on the sitting girl (shopping cake), in the gum paste section, I demonstrate building from the waist up on a lollipop stick. Not sure if that would help you at this point.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any more questions or would like to give this another try! I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you!

  11. joanne eland says: #11

    Garlic press – great tip!!!

  12. lyn says: #12

    this is so great! i shared it to our group, they will love this! thanks mycakeschool!

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #13

    Thanks!!! ;0)

  14. Amanda Snyder says: #14

    I don’t have a wilton pan (broke college student). So instead I used a glass liquid measuring cup and it turned out wonderfully. Thanks for the great ideas!

  15. Colette says: #15

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I needed to model the whole princess (ie, the bottom of the dress needed modelling rather than using cake) – and I too struggled with the paste falling off the stick – so I pierced a hole in a paper cup, turned it upside down and pushed the stick with princess through the upturned cup so the princess dress was resting on top of the cup base – wish I’d thought of this before trying to model the actual dress as the dress is now very squashed!

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