Unwrap a BIG Piece of Chocolate!- A Cake Blog Tutorial

Today’s cake would make a great Valentine’s Day cake….but if you love chocolate like I do, it’s perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all!  :0)

Let me show you ….

I decided to go with a ganache frosting….but any chocolate frosting will do.  You just bring the cream to almost boiling and then pour your chocolate into it.  Take it off the heat…stir gently until fully melted.  Let it cool until it has reached “frosting consistency”.   I use a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream when using semisweet or dark chocolate.

I put my cake on it’s own cake cardboard, cut down to size…and then slid it onto my turntable.


Here it is!!!



Do you like the saying that I chose?  I had trouble deciding which “chocolate saying” I liked the best…..but since I have been known to eat chocolate for breakfast (yesterday), I thought that this one would be appropriate.  I’m off to find a glass of milk!  :0) –

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!

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  1. queenbee says: #1

    So cute and SIMPLE…..something that makes me coming back for more. Thanks…this is FOR SURE something I am going to do!!

  2. ceecee says: #2

    Super cute! Bet it tastes delicious too!

  3. How incredibly cool is that! My sister-in-law is a HUGE truffle fan and would so enjoy this. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  4. Melissa Diamond says: #4

    Thanks!! I hope you’ll give it a try soon—it was easy!

  5. andreasaunders2 says: #5

    Is that just gold cake board foil?

  6. Melissa Diamond says: #6

    Yes, it is! Silver would look good too.

  7. lulu50 says: #7

    OH MY GOSH Melissa…….How darling is that!! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks…( :

  8. omg, this is the cutest!!!!

  9. Desiree says: #9

    I love this idea! What a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! On a side note, I think the round and ball cake combo would make cute hamburger buns for a hamburger cake, too.

  10. Tracey Ellington says: #10

    This is tooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t get enough of this website!

  11. Melissa Diamond says: #11

    Thanks Tracey!!! ;0)

  12. LynnS says: #12

    that is just my size chocolate piece!! love it!

  13. nhearts says: #13

    I’m turning 40 the end of Feb. and having a death by chocolate theme party. This will be a great addition- Thanks for the great ideas.

  14. BeBe says: #14

    Great party theme!

  15. JeanF says: #15

    Love it! Looks perfect for a chocolate lover in my life! Can’t wait to try it!

  16. Roseanna says: #16

    Mellisa, I love it. What Pans and what size did you use? Thanks

  17. Melissa Diamond says: #17

    Hi Roseanna—It is one Wilton half ball pan and one 6″ round–filled & stacked. ;0)

  18. Fiona Reynolds says: #18

    Looks great can’t wait to try it. I was thinking about filling centre with caramel or peppermint filling, what do you think ?

  19. Melissa Diamond says: #19

    Yum! Either would be great. Mint & Chocolate are one of my very favorite combinations though—Sometimes I mix in mini choc chips for a mint choc chip filling ;0)

  20. Cathy says: #20

    Can you use the ganache as the icing between the layers as well? I have been wanting to try it but it scares me a little lol. I had a lady order a cake and she wants chocolate icing under all the fondant so I thought I would try this instead but didn’t know if I needed something else between the layers :)

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #21

    Hi Cathy- yes, you can! Once you’ve made your ganache and it’s cooled and thickened, you can even whip it if you’d like to make it fluffier.. or you can use as is ;0) — I LOVE ganache!

  22. Clarissa Fleming says: #22

    One word……… Awesome!!!!!,

  23. Paula M. says: #23

    You and I share the same love of chocolate Melissa! Love this idea with the gold foil..really clever. I admire your creativity..:-)

  24. gracie says: #24

    Where can I find the gold foil????

  25. Melissa Diamond says: #25

    Hi Gracie–Michael’s sells rolls of gold foil –you should be able to find some there! I think that Joann Fabric sells it too-

  26. gracie says: #26


  27. Tehmeena says: #27

    Hey you are just super.. You look beautiful too.. Become a fan of yours :) See a blog of mine , uploaded some of my cooking and baking stuff.. it’s link to recipespassion.blogspot.com
    I have never used a fondant before, have always used fresh cream icing. I think i should better learn from you :)

  28. cakenista says: #29

    can you explain the ganache recipe 2:1 meaning 2 cups chocolate chips to 1 cup cream. Sorry its a silly question but I always get confused with that 2:1 stuff lol

  29. BeBe says: #30

    Hi cakenista, yes, if you are using 2 cups chocolate chips you will need 1 cup heavy cream. It is best to weigh your chocolate as well as the cream when making ganache. It also makes it easier when calculating the 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. A kitchen scale is great to have and will save time when baking.

  30. BeBe says: #31

    Hi Feyi, I’m sorry, I don’t think there is a substitute for the cream

  31. gracie says: #32

    Can you use an 8 inch round with the ball pan? I need a bigger cake than 6 inch…

  32. Melissa Diamond says: #33

    Hmmm… I think it may be difficult to make that work with the size difference. The ball pan is 6″. Are you making this “piece of chocolate” cake? -Do you have a larger bowl that you could bake in if you don’t have another larger pan? You could probably even bake a few 8″ layers, fill and stack, and then while partially frozen, carve away much of top layer around the edges to round things out.

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