Fourth of July Cupcakes!

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning!  I’ve seen so many cute ideas floating out there in blogland, but I thought I’d add another little something for all of the cupcakers…

If you follow my blog or are a member of our site, you know that I L-O-V-E  a good cake or cupcake topper.  I have a couple to show you today, and a few cute designs too that I hope you’ll like.

First up—Probably the easiest one of the day!  I’m all for shortcuts if they are cute  :0) —  I went to Michael’s today hoping that I would find some 4th of July star garland, and they didn’t let me down–hooray!!

This is just like the wired garland that you can find at Christmas—18 feet worth, and under $2.  :0)  While you’re there, pick up some lollipop sticks!

Next up, let’s make some chocolate stars!

Grab some candy melts or candy coating, a parchment lined cookie sheet, and a piping bag & Wilton tip 3. (The tip is optional.  You could also just snip a tiny hole in your bag.)

Next, it’s time for some piping!  I draw stars the same way that I did when I was 5–I cannot freehand a star to save my life.  :0) –I didn’t even color them in!  They’ll be cute, I promise.

So let’s take a look at what we have so far…

Next, I want to show you a few designs that you may like to try.  We’re keeping it pretty simple, but I think that they make a fun presentation.

One more picture!  :0)

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you see something that you’d like to try.  Check back in later in the week to see what we’re up to! :0)

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  1. Trisha says: #1

    Madame M …what a great fun post to view before I knock off to to bed…now I will be dreaming of these fantastic cupcakes….YIPEE!

  2. Brenda says: #2

    You are so talented. I love looking at your inspirations! Where do you find all the time? I bake, but some days seem so “short” especially when I look at the stack of cookie “thingies” that I’m running out of space to store…(I’ve started clearing off the shelves in the office to put my baking/cooking “things”. Maybe the office should become a walk in pantry…..hmmm, now that’s an idea!!!! LOL

  3. Norma says: #3

    These were all very festive and I love all the ideas and suggestions. My 0ldest son will be outin this area partying with his girlfriends family so this would be a neat treat. And, even with a broken shoulder its looks managable. Thanks Mellissa

  4. Terry says: #4

    Omg its the perfect idea for the 4th! Melissa you rock!!

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Thank you!!!!

  6. Nina says: #6

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I featured your blog on my blog just now. I love your ideas and tips and cakes and… Your talent I suppose to sum it all up. Thanks for sharing this great blog!

  7. erica says: #7

    you did a great job! i kept the link to go back to it. was your frosting really thick? i just tried it now on some cupcakes (the whole paper towel to smooth the frosting down), but my frosting stuck a lil and didn’t look so smooth :(

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Thanks Erica—it really wasn’t an unusually thick consistency. Just the usual, medium consistency buttercream. You can always add a little more powdered sugar if your frosting is too soft. If you are using a crusting icing, and it didn’t seem to crust–you just need to wait a little longer before trying to smooth. No frosting should come off on the paper towel–that’s a sign that you need to give it a few extra minutes. Also, if your cupcakes are cold when you try to frost them, the icing will take forever to crust. Good luck!

  9. erica says: #9

    thanks so much! after i waited longer, it worked!!! i love your blog… very awesome ideas and u are so great at decorating :)

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