Fall into Cupcakes!

Well, it’s finally starting to feel like Fall around here—and I really cannot believe it’s almost time for Turkeys and Pilgrims and sweet potato casserole!

I just replaced my spider on the door with a turkey wreath…and in celebration of our changing decorations, we’re going to make some cupcakes to match!

I have a few different designs to share…I love them all!  Mix and match or choose one to make all your own.

First on the list— Acorn cupcakes!

Keep that softened caramel close by….you’ll need them for these cute turkeys!!

Now….moving along to some cute sugar cookie leaf toppers!  The glaze that I used is simply powdered sugar with water mixed in until you’ve reached the desired consistency.  I like a glaze that is just thin enough to easily paint on with a paint brush.  I also like to mix in a little light corn syrup for extra shine.  There’s not a whole lot of explaining to do here.  Just swirl your colors together a bit as you paint.  The glaze dries firm.  Adorable as cake and cupcake toppers, or just by themselves!

And finally….let’s take a look at what we’ve made!!  Ahhhh, I love Fall.  I hope you enjoyed these!

Members:  I made a quick little video of my turkey cupcake above, for any of you who aren’t quite as familiar with using the petal tip.  I will add it tonight!

Finally, I was out of town for several days last week and haven’t had a chance to announce our newest cake friends!   I was so happy to see so many new members join us last week….welcome babygirl, aodum, bierbaum, kcake, jennapas, ikefauver, SucreSweets, cook-e, baker1212, Elaina, bturpin, how_r_s, crystalcakenovice, sherrieborges, Kendra, kellyleamber, party girl, Maria, lajoya, cricke, mommyharris, LityQ, mrspink67, mostaza59, slhishere, cre8tivbrain, cheryl30, maggie44, & kylemagicalcakes!!!!

That’s all for now–thanks for stopping by the Blog, and see you again soon!


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  1. Milla says: #1

    Hi!! Just found your blog! And you have a very nice blog, lost of informations how to make and learn more about Cupcakes and more stuff.. I just want too say thanks for your inspirations!!

    Bets regards Milla from Sweden

  2. Melissa Diamond says: #2

    Thank you Milla!! I’m glad that you found the Blog–I hope that you check in with us often! :0)

  3. Ruth says: #3

    Melissa, you are so talented! I really love all your ideas! I first found your website because I was looking for ideas for wedding cakes, my daughter is getting married next year and I will be making the cake. So I need as much practice as I can in all things decorating and your site has been so awesome and helpful! You are mega talented! Please keep up the good work and ideas coming!

    Ruth in California

  4. Pandora Dhabolt says: #4

    I first thought that the acorn top was a candy kiss but it wasn’t, to my surprise. How clever of you!
    My goal is to try the tilted cake that I am fascinated with but that is way down the line of learning your techniques.
    I have always had the love of learning different techniques of decorating cupcakes and cookies.
    Thank You
    Pandora :O)

  5. Kim says: #5

    You’re brilliant! Thanks so much.

  6. maria edna says: #6

    hi! your tutorial cake decorations are really nice and interesting to watch i would like to thank u for posting that…will try to follow it too…thanks for sharing…

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