Candy Corn Cake ~ Blog Tutorial

Hi everyone!    I’m excited to show you today’s Halloween design because it is super simple to create and has a surprisingly elegant feel for something that relies so heavily on CANDY CORN!

This sweet staple of Halloween isn’t exactly considered “fancy”… but we’re about to change all of that with a dressed up novelty cake that will be perfect for your Halloween entertaining!

What you’ll need is a cake 0r two frosted with your favorite frosting (I used a crusting buttercream on my 8″ and 6″ tiers.), LOTS of candy corn (I used a 2.5 bag of Brach’s Candy Corn),  and few optional decorations that you will read about below.  Now, time to have some fun!…


Let’s start with the bottom tier–  Here’s my 8″ tier, which is resting on a cardboard cake circle (cut down to size) and sitting on a cake base (2 10” cardboard circles covered with a black plastic tablecloth.)

My 2.5 pound bag of Candy Corn is ready!!

Candy Corn Cake Tutorial by


Starting at the bottom, I pressed in my first row of Candy Corn.



Then, I added another row, so that the upper row slightly overlaps.  A little bit of an overlap is good….if you overlap too much, your Candy Corn will have less contact with the frosting which is the “glue” that holds everything in place.   I also slightly staggered the next row but that’s optional–it would look good either way!



Then another row, and another, and another ;0)……..


Candy Corn Cake~ Blog Tutorial by

…until we reached the top!

Candy Corn Cake Tutorial by

After placing 4 bubble tea straws (or your dowels/supports of choice) into the bottom tier as usual, I placed my 6 inch tier onto the cake.  A black ribbon served as an easy border.  Then, I pressed several candy corns into the top tier, forming a flower.  I placed it high on the left side, so that the top “petals” extended past the top edge of the cake.



You can use some creativity with the center of the flower.  I went the simple route, using a single Wilton black candy melt…but a sprinkle or dragee center, frosting, or other candy center would be great too!

Using a Wilton small round tip 3, I added a little bead border around the flower center, and on the top of the base tier.  I also added a little scrollwork.  Completely optional but I seem to sneak in scrollwork whenever possible these days ;0)




We are finished!


Our cake is resting on a new Halloween cake pedestal that we just bought at Sur La Table…but no matter what your base or pedestal is, the cake is truly the star of the show!



Candy Corn Cake Tutorial by

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope that you’ll have fun experimenting with Candy Corn in your Halloween decorating!  I’m sure that I’ll do more on this next year…so many possibilities! ;0)


Candy Corn Cake~ Blog Tutorial by

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  1. Simone says: #1

    hi what is candy corn? I’ve never heard of it in the UK thank you x

  2. Anita Barron says: #2

    so cute and simple.Thanks

  3. BeBe says: #3

    Hi Simone, candy corn is popular sweet treat during Halloween and Thanksgiving……it is shaped like a kernel of corn.

    Hi Anita, thank you!

  4. cake it is says: #4

    Once again, your creativity never ends. This another great cake and Melissa makes it look so easy. Thank you for sharing. Now I’m excited to make something for Halloween. :)

  5. This is such a lovely idea! And so easy and quick to do too 😀 I wonder, we can use just about any other candy for this one and change the theme!

  6. Melissa Diamond says: #6

    Thank you so much!!!

    @Sara- I was wondering what other candy might be fun to work with–lots of options out there! ;0)

  7. Theresa says: #7

    That is great! Love it! And now all I have to do is buy 2 bags of candy corn since I will eat one entire bag during the decorating process. As always, thanks for sharing!

  8. Julie Ware says: #8

    Hello looks fantastic, where can we buy these ? and were did you buy the stand from they have nothing like this in Australia Best Wishes Julie

  9. Ellen says: #9

    As all your creations are, this cake is just adorable! I wanted to ask, though, about your experience with candy corn. Last year I made cupcakes for Thanksgiving that used candy corn. I made them the night before and was shocked that when I was ready to use them the next day that the candy corn broke down (most either broke or just disintegrated). I must have been the sugar or butter in the frosting that reacted with the corn syrup used in the candy corn??? I don’t know but I would hate to make this beautiful cake and have that happen. Any thoughts?

  10. Julie Mattson says: #10

    Brach’s candy corn is sold on Amazon if you can’t get it anywhere else. Candy corn is great in a bowl mixed with peanuts. They may not make it to the cake. I really love the flower on the cake. Julie

  11. Ellen Perla says: #11

    Very, very cute!!!

  12. Sandra says: #12

    Really cute! Amazing what you can do with decorations made with candy.

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #13

    Thank you for your comments! —

    @Ellen–I’m glad that you commented on your experience, how frustrating! I have not experienced this with Candy Corn. Were your cupcakes last year in an airtight container when your toppers “melted”? I have seen this happen with fondant toppers before and also with colored Tootsie Rolls when the cupcakes were in an airtight container. –

    The Candy Corn cake is still on our countertop (not ready to part with it yet- ha!) — And so I can tell you that at least with the Brach’s candy corn that we used, and the crusting buttercream recipe, everything still looks the same.

    What I can’t tell you is how this would do in the refrigerator or with a non-crusting frosting recipe, since we don’t have any firsthand experience.

    I guess as with anything else, a trial run (Candy Corn on a frosted plate) will give you peace of mind. Thanks for posting!

  14. Claudia says: #14

    Simple and beautiful…. I love your cake stand.. where did you get it?… Thank you..

  15. Ruth Cropper says: #15

    That is going to be one rich cake with all that candy corn! Pretty design!

  16. No words for cake, awesome work. Simple, beautiful and delicious, a beautiful flower made from candy corn. I just love it, thanks for shearing this…

  17. Claudina says: #17

    Que torta mas hermosa colorido y delicioso,Me encanta, Muchas gracias por compartir.Que el Dios te bendiga hoy y por siempre.

  18. Jennifer says: #18

    Thanks 4 sharing and I think I will try this one. Thanks again!!!

  19. Melissa Diamond says: #19

    Thank you all so much for your comments!

  20. Katie says: #20

    My 2.5 year old son saw me looking at his blog post and fell in love with your cake design. He was so cute asking for “my canny corn cake” that I had to make a version of it for him. Thanks for the great idea!

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #21

    Katie, I’m so glad that you made one for him! I love that he calls it “canny corn” too! ;0)

  22. Joelma says: #22

    Candy corn is a marshmallow based candy; made much like Marshmallow fondant. In fact, it is just that with a edible wax coating.

  23. Radhika Sharma says: #23

    Hi Melissa,

    Very nice & colorful. It really looks tasty. I will surely try this.

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