Cake Push Ups–Have you seen these?

Well, I first saw these “cake push ups”  just a few weeks ago.  A member on our site mentioned them & I thought that this idea was pure genius!  Three cheers for a new way to eat cake! :0) —

Basically, a very smart person (I don’t know who you are!) figured out that push ups are not just great to use with ice cream—but with cake too!

The good news is that you can order these push ups and make cake push ups for you and all of your friends!   A quick Google search will give you numerous online suppliers of these cute containers–I’ve even seem them in local craft stores that carry cake supplies.

Here’s how you make them! —

Simply use a circle cutter of a similar size to your container to cut out little cake rounds from a cake layer or two.

Experiment with your favorite flavor combinations…. I’m using strawberry & whipped cream here, but I also used vanilla buttercream, mint buttercream, chocolate chips, Andes mints, jimmies, sprinkles, & even a mock “mousse” made with vanilla pudding and whipping cream ….

I made some cute little chocolate toppers that I piped with melted chocolate bark…  but they would have been cute also with just a swirl of icing!  

Finding a way to display these is a little tricky.  We used a circle of styrofoam which we wrapped with a brown ribbon (double sided tape) and covered with chocolate chips!

And the big finish!!!

You can see that I experimented with lots of different flavor combinations!  The cake push ups do have lids, and so if you need to travel with them, you can attach the lids and do your final toppers before party time!  All in all, this little novelty is a lot of fun.  I did find out after launching a few strawberries across the counter that you really should “push up” gently! :0) — But once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing….and now I am full of cake! —


**Make sure to stop by our Recipes section for our favorite cake and frosting recipes!!

That’s all for now!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today….and if you have any fun ideas for me to try, send me an e-mail!! :0)

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  1. stephanie72 says: #1

    You’re so welcome!! You did some super cute things with them!! I haven’t experimented like that yet but you’ve, once again, given me inspiration!! I can send you more if you need them, just let me know!

  2. My dear, these are genius! I saw the Cake Shooters too and pretty much drooled over how cute they were. Thanks for the great tutorial. Your finished work is beautiful and I bet they tasted fab too! :)

  3. Kelli says: #3

    This is such a cute idea! We have a couple of those push up molds {they’re not clear though}. Now you’ve got me thinking that cookies might be really good in them too:)

  4. And rice krispie treats. 😉

  5. Tasha says: #5

    Are these re-usable?

  6. Melissa Diamond says: #6

    Thanks again Stephanie for sending them–you already have made some beautiful ones! I had a lot of fun with these.

    All of you have some great ideas! Thanks for your nice comments & would love to see your creations if you try them out sometime!

    Tasha– I can’t say how long they will last, but the plastic is nice and sturdy. We washed ours out and plan to reuse them.

  7. Brandon says: #7

    Soooo very cool… I will have to order some of these first thing in the morning. Such an awesome idea.

  8. Jenn Post says: #8

    OMG!!! So, any gals here who want to go in on an order with me??lol!! loving these, so great for any event!

  9. Kristin Iribarren says: #9

    Jenn, I would be interested in going in on an order – these are TOO cute!

  10. Lauren Carroll says: #10

    Hi! Can anyone tell me where to by the ‘push pop containers’ online? I am from Canada and would really like to find these!! Thnx! :)

  11. ricktiff2 says: #11

    I am new to My Cake School and cannot wait to try everything I see. I would love to go in on an order of push ups with someone. Please let me know.


  12. Allie C says: #12

    Where can I purchase the plastic push pop containers online?

  13. Heidi Kenkel says: #13

    @Lauren Carroll – i’m also from Canada and would love to know where I could find them. Shipping them is pretty expensive from that site.

    Is there anywhere you can buy these in smaller quantities?

  14. Linda says: #14

    What an excellent idea ! You are so creative, love them !

  15. Melissa Diamond says: #15

    Thanks everybody!! Lauren- these are from: link to

    Heidi, I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else online but will let you know if I run across any other sites!

  16. andreasaunders2 says: #16

    So how would you eat it? Would you push it up enough for one layer of cake and frosting and eat it?

  17. Selena says: #17

    I am also new to mycakeschool and I am absolutely loving what I am seeing. I definitely want to join up! These cake push-ups are adoreable. I want to make them like yesterday ;o) Thank you for sharing!!!

  18. stephanie72 says: #18

    I searched alot for these the containers and the above site Melissa posted is the only place I found them, and only in a quantity of 100. If anyone finds any others, please post.

  19. Lauren Carroll says: #19

    Thanks everyone! Let’s do research and if anything is found – let’s post here. The mini ones are super cute!

  20. sweetcakes says: #20

    These are so so cute, and I’ll bet they’re great fun to eat. Thanks for the new idea!

  21. Jen Webster says: #21

    This is the coolest thing I have ever seen involving cake! Oh my gosh, do they ever look yummy! Too bad I am on a diet.
    So cool. I am following via Miss Crafty Pants!

  22. pcuthber says: #22

    I love these! I’m interested in participating in a share.

  23. Dannyelle says: #23

    Wow, these are so cute! Thanks for sharing such a neat idea!

  24. These are SO adorable! What a creative treat. Hope I’ll have time to try making these one day!


  25. Donna says: #25

    These are adorable and would be so cute for my granddaughter’s birthday party. I am interested in sharing an order. If you would like to share, please contact me. Thanks!

  26. ann says: #27

    these are so cute! i am very much interested in sharing an order with someone. my son’s birthday is april 8 and would like at least 50. please email me at

    thanks sooooooo much!

  27. Kristi says: #28

    link to

    Sells by the DOZEN!! She made a coupon just for me to share; PUSHPOP10

  28. karen d. says: #29

    Awesomely Awesome!! Thank you :)

  29. Melissa Diamond says: #30

    Great!!! Thanks Kristi!! :0)

  30. Brande Brown says: #31

    link to

    Sold by the dozen or two dozen (or more!)

  31. carmen says: #32

    Oh my…stop posting such delicious things…pretty please?

  32. Candice says: #33

    Oh wow these are so adorable, and quite beautiful!!

  33. Addie Abner says: #34

    Good Morning Everyone,
    JB Prince has the containers back in stock! Best price I’ve seen so far if you need that many. Hurry and order before they run out again!
    link to
    Have a great day!


  34. Kym says: #35

    I am from Australia and cant fund anyone here that sells them. Are they only available in america? If there is anyone in Australia wanting to share an order that would be great or if anyone knows where to get them from in Australia please let me know.


  35. AMBER says: #36

    Thats so funny anddie I went on yesterday and they are sold out AGAIN!!!! I contacted them asking how long the back order will be.

    I love these they are soooo cute!

    I am trying to buy a few cases and have them around does anyone know if there is a canadian site that sells? so there is less shipping.

  36. Amanda says: #37

    What size cookie cutter works best?

  37. judi revercomb says: #38

    I cant believe how cute those pop ups are. I love them. Just lucky I stumbled on this site. Love it.

  38. Kristie says: #39

    At this site you can buy them by the dozen:

    link to

  39. Jillian says: #40

    I just ordered from here and there are sooooooooo delicious! Get yourself some! Im in NYC but I think they ship everywhere :)

  40. Jennifer B says: #41

    CupKate does a HUGE business on Etsy selling these. If you send her a message she’ll let you know when her next quanity is in. She orders them in mass quanity from Italy and you can buy 1 (usually $0.95) or a dozen ($11). I bought some recently and LOVE them – they were the hit of our Easter Hunt Party. Very reusable, throw them in the dishwasher. They come with tops too, which are very handy.

    link to

  41. Heart for Cooking says: #42

    These are so cool and I can’t wait to try them! Although you have to buy the push pops in bulk, I am sure I can use them all. Thank you so much for sharing! Once I make these I will post on my blog with a link back to your site.

  42. shawna says: #43

    How cute these would be for Memorial Day or the 4th of July with red white and blue!!

  43. Nicole says: #45

    You can also get them in smaller doses by Garnish.

    The also have 1 oz size, though these are really small.

  44. theresa says: #46

    good morning,

    I experimented with crumbling the cake like we do for cake pops then filling the shooter cups….I alternated the cake with cream cheese filling topped off with frosting – results: will do again!

  45. WINDY says: #47


  46. Michelle says: #48

    These are so cute! Can anyone tell me what size circle cutter fits into the cake push container? I can’t wait to experiment!

  47. Amber says: #49

    I use the mini muffin pan to make mini cupcakes. They are a perfect fit and no messy cutting or extra scraps to deal with! For the 1st day of summer school I put my sons PB&J in a pushup and made a cute school house label with his name on it! I did not think to take a picture of it :/ I am sure you get the idea. These are fun and easy and because you are using mini muffin size cup cakes you can make a ton of treats for next to nothing! Try cake and Icecream in these or cookies and icecream. Much fun 😉

  48. maria isabel gonzalez gtez says: #50

    donde puede comprar los cake push ups?

  49. Gemma says: #51

    Love these and am so pleased i have managed to find a supplier in the uk :))

  50. m says: #52

    These are awesome!

    In response to all of you that are asking where to find them in small quantities, like 12 pieces, 24 pieces, 50 pieces and 100 pieces, you can find them at
    link to

    and if you’re looking for display click here
    link to

    In response to Michelle and Amanda, you can use the push up pop containers as a cutter :) I try it myself, it works very well:)

  51. Dana says: #53

    I love these!!!! Growing up, those Flinstones Orange Cream push-ups were an obsession of mine. Oh the memories!

  52. Yolonda says: #54

    thanks for the delicious ideas. did you have any trouble with the layers streaking the inside of the tube as you were stacking them?

  53. Veronica says: #55

    I just ordered 2 dozen of the containers from I also saw a site (forgot the exact address) called something like and they have the cheapest holder that I’ve seen so far. I’m holding off on ordering it until I’ve tried making these a few times.

  54. Laurie says: #56

    I make these all the time and the best price bar none is check them out they have great items.

  55. Cindy Thornton says: #57

    I love these and I can’t wait to make them. I have one question, how do we eat them? Do you use a spoon to eat the different layers or pushup and eat one layer at a time?

  56. LovetoDecorate says: #58

    Have any of you Canadian ladies been able to find these?? I am DYING to try them out! The only suppliers I can find are in the states and shipping is astronomical!

  57. Pat says: #59

    I found them very difficult to fill. I would use a flower decorting nail to push first layer of cake down..make sure you container is all the way down…had more on my hands. Be sure you have thick styrofoam ready but found when inserting stick pushed up cake…have to find out how to not do this?

  58. Adrianna says: #60

    I have used these for awhile now but I actually layer them with chocolate mousse and raspberries… Freezing them actually works great as well… An adult dessert that takes you back to your childhood…

  59. Debby Mathes says: #61

    These look amazing!!.. I will be order these containers.

  60. mazelmoments says: #62

    So creative! These would be a hit at a wedding or children’s party! Thanks for sharing.

  61. Courtney says: #63

    I found them in smaller quantities here: link to

    They have lots of cute party supplies….

  62. zulienny says: #64

    hola felicidades esta muy lindo la presentación una pregunta como se llaman los envases donde están las tortas

  63. sofia miranda says: #65

    Wonderful Idea!!!!!!!

  64. Jessica says: #66

    You can also find them very inexpensive at
    about $12 for 12

  65. PHCALEF says: #67

    An easy way to cut to size is to use one of the push ups themselves.

  66. ATasteOfMadness says: #68

    These are some of the cutest things I have seen all day!

  67. Priscilla Vargas says: #69

    Do you sell this product?

  68. BeBe says: #70

    HI Priscilla, no, we don’t sell the clear push-up containers. There is a link in the post if you want to order on-line. Also, Wilton now sells them in craft stores.

  69. sarah okehi says: #71

    Very lovely, will surely try them. :)

  70. Sonja says: #72

    a beautiful thing … Does anyone know where I can buy push-up containers in Europa??!!!

  71. grace morrow says: #73

    I live on the Ontario-Quebec border and purchased them in Walmart in both an Ontario and a Quebec store. They are where the cake decorations and cake pans are in the store. Cost is $4.00 plus tax for 2 in a package. Someone told me thay can also be purchased at MICHAELS but I think are a bit more expensive. I believe Wilton may also make them. Grace

  72. Melissa Diamond says: #74

    Thanks Grace, yes– I’ve seen them at our Michael’s too! This post is a few years old and they used to be so much harder to find. Thankfully you don’t have to buy them in bulk anymore like you used to. Thanks for the head’s up about Walmart!

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