100 Hearts Cake~Valentine’s Day Blog Tutorial

Hello everybody! I made a cake for you today — I was in the mood for a little piping…and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are still sharing the love in shades of pink! ;0)

This is more of a design idea than a technique blog—but it’s just no fun to only show the final picture. So, here’s a few pictures that I took along the way ….

First, the naked cake….a 6 inch frosted in vanilla buttercream.  For my piping, I’m using buttercream–both shades of pink were created with Americolor Soft Pink.  I’m throwing in white because I always love white on white piping.  ;0)

Here I am…..piping hearts.  There is a lot of repetition, but nothing needs to be exact or perfect.  That’s how I like it :0)  It takes the pressure off….plus, the outcome is always fun and whimsical when there is variation in sizes, shapes & colors.

Here are some of the basic heart shapes & tips that I used—experiment with whatever you have on hand…. 

I had some leftover fondant hearts from another project and so I decided to do a little painting on them & add them to the cake.   I sprinkled them with disco dust too.  These hearts are completely optional….they don’t exactly stand out on a cake full of hearts, but I’m keeping them anyway because they’re sweet. ;0)

And many hearts later….the cake was finished!




That’s all for now, I hope that you enjoyed it! If you make a heart cake of your own, I’d love to see!

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  1. Francesca Eden-Mobley says: #1

    Hi , looks really fun, can you tell me if you have used 2 x 6 inch – how high does this make it ?

  2. lucyinaz says: #2

    Love it Melissa!

  3. Way too cute! I love that you like the word “whimsical”! It’s such a whimsical word! Thanks for sharing!

  4. BeBe says: #5

    Hi Francesca, we used 3 pans that were 2″x 6″. Each layer was about 1 3/4 inches tall.

  5. Lynn Sutherland says: #6

    so cute!
    thanks :)

  6. queenbee says: #7

    this is me singing in my best Tina Turner voice….”simply the BEST…better than all the rest…..!” That is all I know of that song, sadly.

  7. Brenda says: #8

    Such a cute idea. Love it. Good idea to show tip numbers, with a picture of how you used them.

  8. Yael says: #9

    Love it,just love it!

  9. Rosie Burke says: #10

    Such a pretty cake! I’m trying this design this weekends for a birthday cake.

  10. hersheysmom says: #11

    I am soooo making this!! I LOVE those hearts!!

  11. Lynn Schwartz says: #12

    Melissa , this cake is soooooo awesome, beautiful !!!! Thanks for posting.

  12. Nicole says: #13

    My heart cake from years back, but it’s still one of my favorites!

  13. Peggy Does Cake says: #14


  14. Nicole says: #15

    Oooppsss…..my heart cake link didn’t post the first time!

    link to s471.photobucket.com

  15. Melissa Diamond says: #16

    Thanks everybody!!!!!

    Nicole, SUCH a cute cake!

  16. mellycake says: #17

    Sooo cute!! I love it!! Melissa, you make everything seem so effortless.

  17. Cake Creations By Candi says: #18

    Hello I love this Idea and have just started a cake business you can check out the Vealentine’s day cakes I made on my page . Cake Creations By Candi

  18. Lara Smith says: #19

    It’s a real beauty!

  19. Angie Garcia says: #20

    Beautiful cake – I think I’ll try this for Valentine’s Day!!! You are so talented!

  20. I love all those hearts and used this idea this week. I’ll share a photo on your Facebook page tomorrow. :) I do have a question, though – how do you get your vanilla buttercream so white? Mine always has a yellowish hue, since the butter is yellow, and I don’t want to use a whole bottle of white food coloring to try to bring it back to white…

  21. BeBe says: #22

    Hi Heather, Melissa used hi ratio shortening for this vanilla buttercream, so there was no real butter in the recipe. There are recipes that have butter and shortening so those will be a bit whiter, also some brands of butter are more yellow than others and using clear vanilla flavoring helps also. I’m sure your cake was beautiful even if it was not super white.

  22. Claudia Riebeling says: #23

    Hi Melissa and Bebe!
    I´d like to know how many servings this cake is about.
    … love your work =)

  23. Joumana HARAKE says: #24

    Can’t wait it’s soooo beautiful

  24. Linda Grimsley says: #25

    Hey there looking for a good buttercream recipe. Have any suggestions?? What kind of icing would I use for making buttercream roses?? Thanks.

  25. asra says: #26

    can you tell me the cake recipe you used to make tall cake.

  26. ma. lorna lumongsud says: #27

    So lovable

  27. zalina abdullah says: #28

    Wow so nice..

  28. Claudia Brown says: #29

    Love it. Your tutorials are the best and so easy to follow, even if you’re a beginner. This cake would be so cute at an engagement party or even taken up a notch as a wedding cake.

  29. Ilona says: #30

    How do you make a really Nice buttercreme? My buttercreme is really to fat. IT looks ok, but the taste terrible! lol

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